Your Parish Council

The Parish Council plays an important role as the grassroots level of Local government; directly representing and promoting the interests of its community. In addition to the councillors, who are your unpaid representatives, the Parish Council employs a Clerk to carry out its business and ensures that the many statutory requirements on the Parish Council are met.

Parish Councillors are unpaid and elected for a term of four years. They do not receive any attendance allowance or payments for their duties, which they undertake on a voluntary basis. The Parish Council is non-political. It is solely involved in issues, items and developments for the civil parish’s benefit and assistance. Decisions are decided by vote. Each Councillor has one vote with the Chairman of the Council also having a casting vote, if that is required.

The Council deals with local people and local matters on a day-to-day basis and welcomes help and interest. Attendance by the public at Council meetings is also welcomed when there is an opportunity to speak on issues on the agenda.

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